updated 10/20/14

Voyages in Photography - Port Angeles, Washington

Port Angeles located 60 miles from Neah Bay is a 12 hour motor for us depending on the currents. You can bypass this port on the way up the Straight but because of distances, tides, and daylight we would not make the next available port until well after dark. Not an option for us.

Port Angeles Boat Haven is located inside Ediz Hook at the very back of the bay. Not a difficult entrance but one that can be uncomfortable if the wind is on your nose. We tied up at the transient dock after hours and were pleasantly surprised to see a simple collection box waiting at the head of the dock. The honor system, cool.

The following morning we found the local coffee shop conveniently located at the head of the dock and began asking where we could get rigging work done. It didn't take long before it was clear most everyone thought Port Townsend was the place to go. We were offered a ride to the nearest laundry facility which is a distance from the marina and mostly uphill. Along the way we were given a tour of Ediz Hook accompanied by a small history lesson about the local logging industry. There is still a big logging industry in the area but it is a shadow of the past. Some of the first advice we were given came from our guide. There's still lots of logs floatin' out there. So noted.

Port Angeles is homeport for the Black Ball Ferry which runs daily between Victoria and Port Angeles. There are shopping and tourist areas near the waterfront and a large Safeway within walking distance.

The marina itself is quiet and well run. The harbormaster was very friendly and helpful.