Photos show the condition of Lealea's interior when we arrived in Port Townsend, WA at the end of July after our  55 day passage Sailing Across the Pacific.  We hauled Lealea out at the beginning of August for what turned out to be a five month re-fit.  Laura went back to work part-time for West Marine at their Port Townsend store and Chuck went to work on the boat full time.  The most important item on our list was to take down the mast and re rig.  We only knew Brion Toss by name but found his office soon enough. It turned out that Brion was currently in Honolulu re-rigging a boat called SugarTime.  We were directed by several helpful locals to check out another rigger in the yard, Port Townsend Rigging  where owners Dan and Lisa treated us very fair.  Chuck had the wire replaced within a short period of time.  Living aboard during the winter for five months we decided to hire a carpenter from the Port Townsend Co-op to finish the interior which Chuck had designed and mocked up several years before.  Bena also helped us completely remove and replace the v-berth then make and install our new windows.  We also took advantage of new found boatyard talent to have a new dodger built.  Mast up, interior finished, lifelines complete, dodger done, windows solid and a fresh coat of bottom paint we splashed back in the water on December 31st, 2007.    Port Townsend will always be one of our favorite spots.  Where else can you find a micro brewery so conveniently located in the yard. 
updated 10/21/14

The Boatyard