Annie Hill's "Voyaging on a Small Income" is the qintissential guide to cruising on the cheap.  An engaging read, the book, although a bit dated, tells the story of a young couple's efforts to realize their dream and keep it alive even though funds are limited.  Even so, "Voyaging on a Small Income" is not about cruising in poverty.  Annie is a dedicated capitalist and likes her comforts. She and her husband manage to enjoy the cruising life while building an emergency fund and a passive income through dedication to sound basic financial principles, hard work and frugality.
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The Galley

When I first moved aboard Lealea in 1996 both Chuck and I were working full time and we rarely ate at home.  The pressurized alcohol stove needed a tube replaced and we never had the time or inclination to get it repaired.  It was our third year together when we decided it was time to fix the stove but when Chuck began the repair a fitting snapped in half and we were back to square one.  By this time I was a bit more boat saavy and had heard several horror stories regarding pressurized stoves so we decided to replace the old stove with a newer Origo 3000 which is a two burner, non pressurized alcohol stove.  Chuck and I often joke that we had been married three years before he even knew I could cook.


I am amazed how many questions we receive asking about the different aspects of our galley and how we manage. There is no mystery to cooking aboard.  The real trick is becoming organized and efficient in a small and often unsteady workspace. No book you read or video you watch can prepare you for the adventure of cooking at sea.  What works best for one person may not work for the next but there are so many "cooking aboard" books out there it is obvious people are curious and looking for ideas.


We are not attempting to create a "how to cook on a boat" guide but instead give you an idea of how we manage cooking and provisioning aboard Lealea. I share ideas on our Cruising Budget and Provisioning, talk about eating healthy without refrigeration while living aboard and share some of our favorite recipes from the galley. Keep in mind we have neither an oven nor refrigerator aboard so feel free to adapt the ingredients or method of cooking to suit your needs.

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So what kind of meals can you make with no oven or fridge? 
Seagoing recipes from the Galley of Lealea.     
When it comes to provisioning this is what works for us. At the dock or on a long passage we live a simple life and try to maintain a small footprint. What works for us might not work for you but if you are planning your first long distance passage we hope this will help you get started.

"I've read your recipe and provisioning articles, but can you give me more details? Do you use your icebox at all? Do you have any experience keeping non-dairy products (like almond milk) at room temperature after it has been opened? Do you shop for fresh produce daily? I love food and cooking, and want to know the secrets of healthy meals aboard. Any advice would be so helpful!"


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Cooking Aboard Lealea is a video series that shows how we prepare meals in our galley with the workspace we have.

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