updated 10/20/14
Voyages in Photography - Neah Bay, Washington 

Neah Bay is the first available harbor when entering the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The entrance is large but because of the traffic lanes and volume of shipping traffic the approach can be tricky especially when entering close to Tatoosh Island.  Fog is common in the area.

The area is dripping with history. The Makah Tribe, the whales, the fishing, all still relevant today. The harbor itself is run by the Makah Tribe as it is located on their reservation. Big Salmon Resort and Makah Marina operate the facilities which have good, clean washrooms and hot showers. The only laundry facility is across the street behind the Community Center. There are several restaurants and a great General Store all within walking distance. It is also a worthwhile walk to the Makah Museum. Beside seeing local history and artwork you will find no where else. There is a free shuttle available for those who wish to hike to Cape Flattery. It rains a lot so be prapared for a muddy hike. Phone service, even on a land line is spotty. There is no cell service.

If you have just completed an ocean passage don't plan on grabbing a cold beer here to celebrate, the Makah Reservation is dry. If necessary, you can grab a bus into the nearby town  of Port Angeles.

Do not leave Neah Bay without picking up a good quantity of smoked salmon. It may be sold out of someone's garage but you will be hard pressed to find any better. The white salmon, if available, is a rare treat.

Big Salmon Resort-Neah Bay, WA photo by Laura Wong-Rose