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The Logbook

Fall arrives.

by the First Mate

Finished with our afternoon walk and taking a moment catch up on events.  Chuck is heating stew for dinner while I take a few moments to update the blog. 

KFSK's annual fundraiser and membership drive kicked off this morning with a potluck brunch.  As usual it was entertaining and delicious.  Quiches, waffles, biscuits and gravy and specialty sweets and pastries.  When this community does a potluck it is a beautiful thing. 

Returned last week from my trip to Thorne Bay and Coffman Cove as veterinary assistant and deck hand aboard the veterinary vessel Hallie. Months of planning and co-ordination are necessary to make a voyage aboard the 50' Aluminum trawler designed specifically to bring mobile veterinary services to remote Alaskan communities. Never a dull day and it hardly feels like work with the constant parade of dogs and cats coming aboard.     

Jo, Alaska Floats My Boat, thank you for the loan of the pressure cooker.  The bag of golden chanterelles was greatly appreciated for the delicacies they were.  Thank you again.
This week Monday and Friday I'll be volunteering in the KFSK pledge room. Last year Chuck and I held a live Google Hangout in Studio B, chatted with cruisers all over the world and shared some of Petersburg's local talent.  If you donated last year we thank you and ask if you could do so again. Every year a contest is held to choose new artwork and the mugs, especially, are always collectible. The men's and women's tee's are good quality and the artwork accurately portrays KFSK's special relationship with the community.   

Chuck's Monday Island Music program this week will feature the music of Cuba.  Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 12:35 AST (or after the Borough Assembly Meeting. If you've not had a chance to listen to Chuck's Street Beat program previously take a few minutes to listen in. (Live Stream Link) I'll be dropping in the studio occasionally to chat during the show.  

Work on the boat has slowed as Fall begins to set in.  Daylight hours are growing short, the leaves are turning orange and there is a chill in the air.  Soon we tuck in for Winter and begin editing video and work on the website. Lealea will not be finished this year.  No worries, life happens, we are cruising after all.   

Another Winter in Petersburg enjoying the hospitality and friendship this community so freely shares and finding ways to give back. 

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"Jim's book is thoroughly, entertaining and honest and for us to be included is an honor. 

If you dream of sailing off into the sunset after you retire we suggest "Sailing into Retirement" is a must read."

Chuck and Laura

Fellow shipmate, Fran Taylor, writes about her many adventures as crew sailing aboard different tall ships and she mentions one voyage in particular  during her time aboard HMB Endeavour where she meets a couple on their honeymoon.  Read the humorous tale of the seasick groom and how a new "private signal" was born among the Endeavour crew.
The first book I read after moving aboard Lealea.  A wonderful journey that got me dreaming.
Looking for a read that will make your stomach hurt from laughing?  This one did it for us!  A definite page turner.
-Chuck and Laura

"This Old Boat" If you can only have one book on sailboat maintenance aboard, this is the one.

-Chuck Rose

"This old boat" If you can only have one book on sailboat maintenance, this is the one.
Chuck and Laura

“The Ashley Book of Knots” by Clifford W. Ashley is, quite simply, the definitive work on knots.  We think if you have more than a passing interest in marlinspike seamanship or decorative knotting this book is pretty much a “Must Have” This book is a high mass volume. 
                       -Chuck and Laura
Fran Taylor was born and grew up in Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde.  She has sailed all over the world in a number of “Tall Ships” and has had a number of articles published. She is a regular on the guest  speaking circuit around Perth where she lives when not pursuing her dreams and answering the call of the sea. In 2012 she took part in the Titanic Memorial Cruise, a special event to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the sinking. This book tells that story.
The story of Margo Wood and her husband Charles who began the "Charlie's Charts" cruising guide series. When her husband passed away she began to sail as a singlehander.   A wonderful story about a lady I admire a lot. - Laura  
An excellent read for anyone interested in single handed sailing. An inspiration for women. Anne had quite an adventure and this book is especially interesting to Albin Vega owners.- Chuck
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