The Logbook Archives  
of S/V Lealea 
This is the Archived Log of the Sailing Vessel Lealea dating back to 2007 when the crew set off  to voyage and seek a simpler life in harmony with nature and leave behind the complication and stress of life we have known in the business world. City living is just not for us. .

Our Motto: Quality of Life is inversely proportional to population density. 

Our operating philosophy is “Go small. Go simple. Go now.”

Our vessel is the Albin Vega diesel auxiliary sloop Lealea, 27 feet on deck, 8 feet beam and 4 feet draft.

The well seasoned and harmonious crew consists of Captain ChuckRose and  First Mate Laura Wong-Rose. Log entries concern life at sea and in port; cooking, eating, watch keeping, maintenance and seamanship and how we manage the challenges our chosen life presents.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sail away from it all, follow us on our journey across the seas.