updated 10/21/14

Voyages in Photography

   -  by Laura Wong-Rose

I have enjoyed taking photographs for a very long time. My father and I spent hours developing film together in our
makeshift darkroom which also doubled as the Master Bathroom.  I was fortunate to have free access to a camera and film and I loved playing with them.

Having shot hundreds of rolls of film and either developing them myself or paying someone to do it gives me an old fashioned view on the patience of setting up a shot. Weeks or months would go by before you developed your film and got to see your results.  What f stop did I use that time and be sure to remember not to do that again.

The digital age has changed the art of photography for me and I am torn. I love having the ability to instantly decide if a
shot is good or bad and delete it but I also see a trend with
the digital age to just "fix" a shot later with editing tools
rather than patiently work for it. Now I play with the automatic functions on my camera rather than F stops and I love that moment of instant gratification but I maintain the habit of carefully setting up my shots.Occasionally I will use the black and white function on my camera when I take digital photographs but otherwise I do not crop or alter my pictures in any way. Not having the right camera at the right time, that will never change.

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