updated 10/21/14

 First Mate's Journal - Sailing back to Hawaii

Days 1 - 38

Thursday-May 12, 2011
St. Francis YC-Guest Dock B

Attempted to leave yesterday but the weather was boisterous on the bay and after a sightseeing pass around Alcatraz we decided to head back into SFYC and spend another evening. Chuck tightened a few shrouds after we got in then checked the weather reports again. Still predicted for small craft advisories and patchy fog but winds looked O.K. Left the docks this morning at 10:55 and headed out the gate. Heavy swells with more than the occasional breaker made for some uncomfortable motoring. We passed all four channel markers then put up the #3 jib.
Engine off at 2:20pm
Course 210 degrees
Barometer 30.0
Winds 20-25 WNW
Westerly Swells 3-5 ft with occasional higher.
No clouds visible except over the coast. We still need to run watermaker and test it before we get much farther out.


Friday-May 13, 2011   Day 2
Watermaker is running and there don’t seem to be any problems.  Hawaii here we come.
Cabin temp is 58 degrees.  We haven’t gotten our watch schedules down yet.  Chuck has been on since 8 but there are chores and I want to get them done before going on watch.  I’ve put a pot of hot water on as we need something hot!  We had a cold supper of tortillas and cheese last night and some chips and dip for lunch.  No breakfast this morning and I am dying for a cup of coffee.  Sea conditions are not that pleasant, swells are rocking us around pretty good.  
At least it’s not raining…. 

Friday-May 13, 2011 Day 2

Watermaker is running and there don’t seem to be any problems. Hawaii here we come.

Cabin temp is 58 degrees. We haven’t gotten our watch schedules down yet. Chuck has been on since 8 but there are chores and I want to get them done before going on watch. I’ve put a pot of hot water on as we need something hot! We had a cold supper of tortillas and cheese last night and some chips and dip for lunch. No breakfast this morning and I am dying for a cup of coffee. Sea conditions are not that pleasant, swells are rocking us around pretty good.
At least it’s not raining….

Saturday-May 14, 2011 Day 3

Just switched on the watermaker, our day tank is about half empty (or is that half full?)  Dinner last night was Mac N’ Cheese with Tuna and Roma tomatoes and a couple of cookies for dessert.  It seems to be getting warmer but my shoes and socks are still on.  Mildly overcast today, cabin temp reads 62 degrees.  Barometer steady at 29.7
Our noon sight puts us at 35.21N   124.00W
Course 160 degrees   Speed 4 knots
We are 167 miles away from S.F

It’s time to sweep the cabin and finish cleaning up from breakfast.

Sunday-May 15, 2011   Day 4


Oh what a Beautiful Day!

Nice happy cumulous clouds as far as the eye can see.  I’m taking a chance in the cockpit with no waterproof pants as there is still the occasional slop in the cockpit.  We hove to last night around 8pm. The wind had picked up and was gusting 20-25 and of course it started to rain.  GAK!  Came below and made a pot of coffee then Chuck and I shared a chocolate bar.  We had dinner around 10pm, Butternut Squash soup with avocado, tomato and pine nuts.  The water today is taking on a lighter shade of blue making me feel warmer already.  Boat is steering herself on a course of roughly 210 degrees needing only the occasional hand when she drifts towards 240 and begins to luff.  It is days like these that make it all worthwhile and you want to keep sailing forever.  Almost tempted to toss a line out and see if we can catch anything but the thought of the mess it would make…we’ll wait until it’s a bit nicer out.  Bree is, I think, on her last long distance voyage with us.  I am hoping she settles in and copes better in the next few days.  She spends her time burrowed in the sleeping bag up forward and peed in the bunk this morning when I kicked her out to fold up the bedding.  Chuck is now talking about staying in Hawaii for a year so we can both get back into shape.  Plans, just like the weather, are subject to change without notice.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Things to remember about San Francisco.  Rusty and Diego at St. Francis YC. 
Home Base on Lombard street, fantastic breakfast and cheap.  Chicago Pizza and DelaRosa restaurants on Chestnut street, both excellent places to eat although on the pricier side.  Lagunitas IPA and Racer5.  We went to see “Thor” at the historic Marina Theater on Chestnut Street.

Monday May 16, 2011 – Day 5

Hove to at midnight and underway again at 7:45.  Winds were extremely light all night and sometime this morning changed to SW.  Our course is now 275-280 degrees and we can’t get any further South of West but averaging 3 knots.  All crew are well rested with 2 full nights sleep and with it seeming to get warmer every day things should get easier from here.  The sun is shining and there are no ominous clouds on the horizon.  We are having instant coffee for our first cup since there is hot water left from last night.  I think I’ll cut up some orange slices to nibble on until breakfast.  Unfortunately we are still not in pancake land….

Three bananas left.  I need to rotate all the tomatoes and check for any soft ones.  Since I haven’t been able to do any real cooking except for canned stuff we haven’t used any of the carrots yet and they are starting to go soft.  I’ll have to use them all in the next 3-4 days or possibly have to throw them out.  They should not have gotten soft this soon.  Cabbage looks fine, no signs of any black yet.  We have already gone through one bag of beef jerky.  With the junk weather we have been snacking rather than eating regular meals.  All other supplies are holding up well.

For breakfast we had Oatmeal with peanut butter, raisins, pine nuts and maple syrup.   Immediately after breakfast the winds started picking up and I went forward to put up the #3.  Winds shifted SSW to SW around 11:00 and we found ourselves going nowhere fast.  We hove to at 12:45 after tacking to see if we could improve our heading but we went from a poor 300 degrees to an even poorer 90 degrees with the additional sore point of having waves now joining us in the cockpit.  Good thing I got a pot of hot water on this morning, so we sit below and wait….
Winds starting to die down, gusts reaching 30+ and we took a few hard knocks.  Amazing how coffee and chocolate make the world seem better…..

Tuesday, May 17 , 2011  Day 6

Noon Sight
34.40N     123.35W
Course 170 degrees Speed 1.5-2 Knots.
Winds Light and Variable 0-10
Working Jib
Swells Moderate, 4-8’ Westerly.
Barometer 29.7
Cabin Temp 66 degrees. Overcast, solid cloud cover.

Just started the water maker.  It will have to run it for a few hours as the day tank is empty.  Split pea soup with crackers for lunch yesterday and Beans with cornbread cakes for dinner last night.  Conditions are making the boat roll and real cooking is not safe.  I  made a pot of hot water this morning so we could have instant coffee but had PBJ sandwiches for breakfast.  Tuna sandwiches for lunch today around 2:00.  Can’t seem to get the spare jibs tied securely this trip.  Almost lost the #3 jib early this morning and it came loose later as Chuck came on watch at 4am.  We tacked after securing the jib and are now on a heading of 270 degrees averaging 3 knots.  Day is still heavily overcast and dark.  Winds consistent 15-20 SW, visibility 2 miles.  It’s not raining but there is a heavy mist-Where is the California sunshine?

Tacked again, new heading  is 160 degrees. 

Sail change to #3 jib.  Winds 20+ and increasing from SW.  We are now on a heading of 180-210 degrees.  Dinner was Spicy Chili with a cheese quesadilla.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Day 7

Noon Sight
33.54N     123.40W
Course 210 degrees Speed 4 Knots.
Winds 20 Knots WNW
#3 Jib
Swells 8-12’ NW
Barometer 29.7
Cabin Temp 60 degrees.  Partly cloudy, occasional squalls but currently clear to windward.  Oil Tanker approached within 1 mile at midnight bearing 163 degrees setting off the AIS alarm.

Hove to at 3:30am.  Rain combined with breaking waves in the cockpit are making things too uncomfortable.  Underway again at 9:15 am after series of brief but heavy rainsqualls finally passed.   We are now sailing in sunshine with 20 Knots from the NW. 


Sunshine replaced with heavy patchy clouds.

Winds have been consistent for most of the afternoon.  Still experiencing large swells but not as uncomfortable as earlier this afternoon.  Still unable to cook any real meals.  No breakfast to speak of, mostly snacked on apples, beef jerky and almonds.  Chuck heated a can of beans for lunch and we had a freeze dried meal of Beef Stew with a can of corn added followed up with a chocolate bar for desert.  Having fun using the GoPro for outside shots, to bad we can’t see how they turn out until we get in.  Chuck cut his finger on one of our solar panels.  Visual  “salt streak” turned out to be a crack in the glass which cut Chuck when he went to wipe it off.  Add that to the list.

Thursday, May 19, 2011      Day 8

Noon Sight
32.51N     124.37W
Course 230 degrees -Speed 3 Knots
Winds 10-15 NW
#3 Jib , changing at turn of watch to working jib.
Swells 5’ NW
Barometer 29.9
Cabin temp 64 degrees, Partly cloudy.

Relatively mellow night.  Chuck and I both were able to stand our watches below.  Boat was steering herself on a course of 210 degrees without any prompting.  Our current course after sail change (to working jib) is now 240 degrees.  Oatmeal for breakfast this morning with peanut butter, raisins and pine nuts followed by a real cup of coffee.  Hopefully it gets steadier from here and I can start having fun cooking rather than just opening cans.  Weather is mostly overcast with a few blue patches but seems straight forward and I don’t see, or feel, any unpleasant weather ahead…for now.

Friday, May 20, 2011     Day 9

Noon Sight
32.00N     125.48W
Course 220 degrees – Speed 4.5 Knots
Winds 12-15 NW
Running with our working Jib only.  #3 changed out at 7:30 am
Swells 5-7 NW
Barometer 30.00
Cabin temp 66 degrees, Partly cloudy
1767 miles to Hawaii


Boat steered herself all night, again, last night.  Watches were spent sitting at the table, reading and regularly checking the horizon.  Beautiful day today.  While still not warm it’s not mind numbing cold either.  I slept with my socks off last night, WooHoo!  Getting into our regular watch routine.  Container ship spotted 1:55am behind us, distance 3.8 miles bearing 53 degrees.  Chuck verified solar panels are not charging.  Hope we can unplug the cracked one and the second should work fine.  To not have solar only nine days out is a bummer.  We’ll have to wait until seas are a bit smoother before Chuck can dig in the lockers and see if he can re-wire the remaining good panel.  We had Cattle Drive Chili with steamed carrots (and coffee grinds-oops), turned out like a stew.  Ginger snap cookies and instant coffee for desert.  We’re down to 4 servings of the Starbucks Instant coffee.  I did not anticipate that. We still have a whole bag of Folger’s Instant but it just isn’t the same….Finished the last banana this morning with breakfast but have plenty of  Dates will are a good replacement.  Finished the last package of Beef Jerky last night on watch, I guess one package for every 5 days next time.  Going through tuna quickly this trip as it makes a quick, easy lunch.  Clouds are starting to thicken and it is getting cooler.  Water maker run for 2 hours today.


Sunday, May 22, 2011     Day 11

Noon Sight
30.41N     127.26W
Course 240 degrees –Speed 4 Knots.
Swells 8-10 Northerly – Seas Lumpy
Barometer 30.0
Cabin temp 64 degrees

Chuck hasn’t been getting much sleep the last few days and needed a full night’s sleep.  We both must have been tired since we slept until 9:30am.  Underway by 10am after having our last cups of Starbuck’s Instant.  Dinner last night of beans and corn with canned peaches and ginger snaps for desert.  We are being teased by intermittent sunshine but at least the winds are consistent.  I’m not feeling well this morning and am nauseated.  Half an apple and three pieces of graham cracker for breakfast, whew, taking regular deep breaths and trying to keep it down.

The Sun just set.  Chuck and I both have been inside most of the day. The boat is steering herself on a steady course of 240 degrees but waves are breaking regularly over the cabin top.  We had Chili with cheese and tortilla for a late lunch/supper with ½ a chocolate bar and a cup of tea for desert.  My tea went for a lurch and was lost in a splash across the cabin.  Even with a wide base cups still fly, I should know this by now. Bummer….Hopefully we can stay on this course all evening.  

Monday, May 23, 2011     Day 12

Noon Sight
30.25N     128.55W
Course 250 degrees   Speed 4 Knots
Winds 12-15 Northerly
Main and working jib
Swells 2-3 NNW
Barometer 30.1 – rising, cabin temp 70 degrees.
1578 miles to Hawaii
Winds remained constant and boat steered herself all evening under #3 Jib.  We put up the main and working jib around 10:00 and I came below to make our breakfast,  oatmeal with dried blueberries, raisins, walnuts, and P.B.  It is much warmer this morning and the seas are flatter.  Time to make a real cup of coffee now.  Skies are still overcast and dull.  We both slept very well last night.  One of us slept on the floor letting the person on watch read on the couch.  Cozy.  Cat still not eating anything but t.u.n.a….yes, we have to spell it now.


Tried setting our nightly course with just the working jib but boat would not maintain course so we put up #3.  Five knots with the working jib and only three with the #3 but now she will steer herself all night.  Easier on the crew trying to sleep.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011     Day 13

Noon Sight
30.11N     130.02W
Course- Multiple   Speed 0-1 Knot
Wind 0-5
#3 jib which doesn’t slat in the calm
Swells 1-2 Westerly
Barometer 30.2 – cabin temp 72 degrees

The skies have parted, the sun is shining and it is a Beautiful Day!  Chuck is below practicing the ukulele.  I need to do more of that too.  Winds died off last evening and are still absent.  Chuck tried once again to rewire the solar panels but it didn’t work.  We will have to now have to run the engine once a week to keep our batteries topped off.  We hoisted the Iron Mizzen at 12:20am and are under power on a heading of 230 degrees. 
Bree expressed her displeasure immediately.  With the solar panels gone we must now run the engine at least once a week to keep the batteries topped off.  The water maker and lights are priority.  What a difference the sun makes to morale.  We are barefoot and wearing tank tops again!  Now we have to be careful about burning in the sun.  Both of us are chicken skin white sporting a glare only a good pair of shades can reduce.  We had pancakes for breakfast with two cups of coffee.  Engine and water maker both run for 2 hours.

7:00 pm 
Still no wind.  Lunch today was scrambled eggs topped with a mixture of salmon and goat cheese and desert of canned peaches and ginger cookies.  Chuck is rapidly becoming a Kindle addict.  Of our fresh supplies, only two apples, 4 oranges and a half loaf of bread is left, but we have barely touched the onions or potatoes.

Still no wind.  We “hove to” but are basically just drifting.  Nice sunset but it looks like there is a front moving in.  Dinner consisted of crackers spread with the remainder of the salmon and goat cheese mix.  Bree surprised us by hopping into the cockpit for a twenty second inspection.  Most likely to find where that smell was coming from… 
Fresh socks, clean fleeces, Chuck had a shave and the sun was warm.
Today was a good day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011   Day 14

Noon Sight
29.36N 130.23W
Course 180 degrees Speed 2 Knots
Winds 5-10 NW
Working jib and reefed main.
Swells 2’ NW
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 76 degrees.
1496 miles from Hawaii
Mostly cloudy, hazy overcast.

A hazy, overcast afternoon but at least it is warm.  We did not  make any progress last night, zip for wind but it started picking up again around eight this morning.  Ran into a brief rain squall and got 20-25 knot winds for about twenty minutes but it died to 10-15 after that.  Breakfast this morning of Beef Hash with scrambled eggs followed up with a cup of coffee. Chuck pulled out the IPOD and we are currently listening to Hank Williams who is melting my cold, cold heart. Socks are off and we are happy and lovin’ life. Now if I could just wash my hair today…..We saw a really big bird floating on the water this morning but beside the odd seabird we’ve seen little wildlife so far.  More trash in the last 2 days but nothing, so far, compared to our trip over.

Pulled the main down at 3pm and put up the #3 forty minutes later. Winds have been variable all day 0-25. Current course is now 250 degrees. A Northerly swell is making for an uncomfortable ride. Cold tortilla with cheese for lunch. The last two apples and the ginger snaps are gone.

Thursday, May 26, 2011     Day 15

Noon Sight
29.36N 131.17W
Course 250 degrees Speed 3 Knots
Winds 5-10 NNE
#3 jib and main – Broad reach
Swells 3’ mixed NE and NW
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 76 degrees.
1445 miles from Hawaii
Mostly cloudy, hazy overcast.

No journal entry for today. 

Friday, May 27, 2011     Day 16

Noon sight
29.26N 132.23W
Course 260 degrees Speed 3 Knots
Winds 4-8 NW
Working jib and reefed main – broad reach
Swells 6’ NW
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 76 degrees.
1387 miles from Hawaii
Dull, hazy overcast

Water maker run for two hours.

Saturday, May 28, 2011     Day 17

Noon Sight
29.03N 133.40W
Course 250 degrees Speed 5 Knots
Winds 15 NNW
Working jib and reefed main – broad reach
Swells 3’ NW
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 72 degrees
1312 miles from Hawaii
Dull hazy overcast

Just woke up from my nap. Tired still. Sun came out for a brief period today. It is definitely warmer but not yet warm. Winds have been favorable and we have made good speed all day averaging 5 knots since we got started this morning. Getting started means pulling the #3 down and putting up the working jib and main. Our #3 allows the boat to steer itself consistently at 2 knots allowing one of us to sleep and the other to remain on watch comfortably in the cabin. When it is warmer we will stay in the cockpit all night. There was nothing exciting to report for the last two days. Just ticking down the miles.

Sunday, May 29, 2011      Day 18

Noon Sight
28.42N 135.15W
Course 180 degrees Speed 1.1 Knots
Winds 25+ Northerly
#3 Jib
Swells 8-10 Northerly
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 68 degrees
1230 miles from Hawaii
Overcast, crap.

No breakfast this morning. Winds picked up last night around 10:00pm. We pulled the main and replaced jib a bit early yesterday. Seas are big this morning. We are still on #3. Chuck feeling queasy this morning so only a few graham crackers and an orange for him. PBJ on tortilla for me. Barometer rising slightly so hopefully it well get nicer later today. Boat steered herself through the night at 3-4 knots on a course of 210 degrees. Nice to be able to spend watch below where it is warm and dry. Boisterous seas (lost a coffee, again) both Chuck and I having crazy dreams during what little sleep we are getting. Is this getting tougher or am I getting soft? Ready for a good nights sleep and a hot meal without getting slammed from one side of the boat to the other.

Hove to.

Monday, May 30, 2011    Day 19

Noon Sight
28.09N 135.48W
Course 240 degrees Speed 6 Knots
Winds 1-5 Northerly
Under power
Swells 3-5 Northerly
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 72 degrees
1192 miles from Hawaii
Bright overcast

Spent all of yesterday hove to. Twenty five plus knot winds and 8-10 foot swells both Northerly. Rock n’ Roll. We both slept on and off all day. Canned beans and peaches for supper and desert. Mellowed out early this morning and we had the usual little or no wind again. Motored this morning for three hours and forty five minutes to recharge the batteries. Ran the water maker for two hours. Winds finicky and mild all day no more than five knots. Pulled down the main around 7am as it was just going clang, clang. Swells were mild enough so I was actually able to cook a meal. Onions, zucchini and yellow squash in spaghetti sauce over cheese filled tortellini.  All that was missing was a glass of wine. We had dinner in the cockpit surrounded by the vast sea and silence. No trains, no sirens, no gunshots and no cellphones. We did, however, finish the evening with a little “The Mamas & The Papas” and “Hank Williams” Now if we could just get that tiller to stop squeaking.... all in all, a very nice day.  Low mileage.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011     Day 20

Noon Sight
27.51N 136.34W
Course 240 degrees Speed 3 knots
Winds 5-10 N
#3 Jib-Changing after noon watch change
Swells 2’ Northerly
Barometer 30.1 cabin temp 78 degrees
1146 miles from Hawaii
Sunny, partly cloudy and warm

Pancakes for breakfast-barely. Was a bit to rough to make them comfortably but I pulled it off without any disasters. Sun has been off and on most of the afternoon and mostly warmish. Chuck dragged out the handline and dropped it in. We’ll see if we catch anything. Boat steered herself again all last night. Balances really well on #3 in light or heavy winds. Tortilla with cheese and onion again for lunch. An easy fix for Chuck to whip up and super tasty. Bree came out and played for a short time last night but has pretty much been a sleeping bag potato this whole trip.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011     Day 21

Noon Sight
27.46N 137.56W
Course 255 degrees Speed 4 knots
Winds 15 NNE
#3 Jib
3-4 foot swells NNE
1077 miles from Hawaii
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 70 degrees
Sunny, partly cloudy

10:30 pm
Hove to at 8pm. Wind picking up and swell size increasing. Mostly going downwind so boat will not steer herself. Hoping winds are favorable tomorrow and we can wing on wing. Average progress today, maybe 40 miles. Breakfast of oatmeal with some cornmeal added along with raisins, walnuts and maple syrup.  Lunch again of a tortilla with cheese, tomato and onion. Steamed carrots, yams and a can of salmon for supper. The olive oil I picked up San Francisco, infused with lemon, adds a very nice flavor. Only one tomato left Finished the last orange this morning and the last of the carrots for supper. Chuck pulled out a bottle of wine tonight and had a glass, or cup, with our chocolate bar for desert. We put the fishing handline out for the second time this trip, “no joy” was noted in the ships official log.. I think it was too rough. Yesterday was just practice since the hooks were not “armed”. (Chuck forgot to remove the plastic safety covers)

Thursday, June 2, 2011     Day 22

Noon Sight
27.17 N 138.39W
Course 210 degrees Speed 4 knots
Winds 10-12 NE
Reefed main-running
Swells 4’ NE
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 70 degrees
1032 miles from Hawaii
Sunny, partly cloudy

Underway at 8am. We put up the working jib and main. Working jib down at 11:00 then under main alone. Cotter ring on jib downhaul replaced.  Freighter spotted 3 miles distant headed to Japan.

Friday, June 3, 2011     Day 23

Noon Sight
26.20N 139.08W
Course 260 degrees Speed 3 knots
Winds 0-10 NE
#3 Jib and reefed main-broad reach
Barometer 30.2 cabin temp 74 degrees
989 miles from Hawaii
Sunny, scattered clouds

No notes in the log for this day.

Saturday, June 4, 2011     Day 24

Noon Sight
25.56N 140.40W
Course 260 degrees Speed 3.5 knots
Winds 0-15, light and variable
#3 Jib and reefed main-broad reach
Swells 3-4” NW
Barometer 29.9, falling cabin temp 76 degrees
902 miles from Hawaii
Overcast, squally

We did not heave to last night.  No clouds, lots of stars and reasonably warm.  We made good mileage as a result and are now 84 miles closer to Hawaii.  Routine. Is it possible for everything to feel (be) normal and routine out here? Just working the boat and having a good time with Chuck. Show tunes seem to be the theme this trip. Bree is still feeling down and under but is at least drinking her fluids, tuna juice, salmon juice, beef juice….
We have been having loaded oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Tuna roll for lunch now that all tomatoes are gone. Tuna, mustard, onion and cheese on a tortilla. They are pretty tasty and Bree likes it too. Any excuse to open a can of tuna. Had our first can of tinned beef last night with refried beans, onions, and cheese on a tortilla lightly fried in olive oil and topped with sweet hot chili sauce. Not bad.  Continuing on a course of 240 degrees. We just took in another 2 cranks on the main as weather helm was pretty strong.  Moving along at 5-6 knots. Not much sunshine today,  mostly passing through or just missing rain squalls all day. Seeing a lot of fishing net debris this trip plus other assorted items, a cooler, a blue plastic bin, a hardhat. A few birds circling overhead this morning still no whale or dolphin sightings.  I got to wash my hair yesterday.

Sunday, June 5, 2011     Day 25

Noon Sight
25.36N 141.34W
Course 256 degrees speed 5.5 knots
Winds 10-12 N
Currently under power
Swells 4-6’ NW
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 76 degrees
850 miles from Hawaii

Hove to last night at 7:30pm just minutes before a squall hit us. We had dinner of Mac n’ Cheese with tinned beef which was surprisingly good. Underway at 9:30am, talk about lazy. We started the motor around 11am so we could charge the batteries (poor Bree) and ran the engine for four hours using the tiller pilot the whole time. Around hour three we put up the main and working jib and let the motor idle just in case we needed power to come into the wind. There wasn’t much wind. We decided to leave the tiller pilot on as an experiment since we don’t know how much power it really uses. (note: read owners manual) It steers much better than we can in the lighter, finicky winds. . We had our usual breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries, walnuts, and two cups of coffee, then lunch of sautéed onions with the other half can of tinned beef in a pan fried burrito, nummy. Dates are almost gone and only a half bag fruit and nut medley left. Fresh items left in baskets are onions, yams and cabbage. There are still 8 eggs. Block cheese is almost gone.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011     Day 27

Noon Sight
25.33N 145.11W
Course 260 degrees speed 4 knots
Winds 15 E
Reefed main-running
Swells 4’ E
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 76 degrees

7:30 pm
Tiller pilot on again all last night and we made 95 miles. Unfortunately the boat is rockin’ and rollin’ so much it is still hard to cook. Had a breakfast burrito with freeze dried eggs, ham, and red pepper in a tortilla along with a cup of coffee. Lunch was, again, Mac n’ cheese with tinned beef. The day started off cool and overcast but progressed into some real sunshine. Still not overly warm although I did manage to burn my knees. Bree was more active this morning and her food bowl was empty for the first time this trip. Chuck shaved this morning and both of us broke out a fresh Columbia shirt. We’ve started discussing making a trip to Midway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011     Day 28

Noon Sight
24.33N 146.35W
Course 240 degrees speed 4.5 knots
Winds 15 E
Reefed main, running
Swells 6-8’ E
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 76 degrees
572 miles from Hawaii
Clear skies

It was maintenance day. We ran the engine for four hours and charged all the batteries; House, Kindle, camera, IPOD, and ran the water maker for 2 hours, bowling along at 7-9 knots the whole time. Most of the afternoon was warm and sunny but it has just clouded up, the same as last night. Last night was one small squall after another but at least the boat got a good wash down. Tiller pilot is still on, run again all last night.  Don't know if it is meant to run for extended periods like this. Nothing is mentioned in the owner’s manual. We are thinking of getting a second one for a backup since our distance covered is remarkably better with it at the helm. We covered 95 miles yesterday, wow!. Oatmeal for breakfast this morning and tuna roll for lunch. Chuck has been practicing the ukulele every day and getting better. I need to do that to….

Thursday, June 9, 2011     Day 29

Noon Sight
23.48N 148.21W
Course = 0 speed = 0, hove to
Winds 0-17, gusting
#3 jib
Swells 6’ NE
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 78 degrees
466 miles from Hawaii

A squall hit us early this morning at 6am. I was down below when the tiller pilot alarm sounded stating it could not hold a course.  I had only been in the cockpit a few moments when the squall hit.  The wind must have shifted first setting off the alarm. I had a hard time holding course due to the heavy weather helm so I woke Chuck and called him out. The squall only lasted 15-20 minutes then completely died out.  Chuck had an hour in the rack after that.  I had only been down an hour when Chuck called me back out.  Another squall was on its way so we put up the #3 jib and took down the main, just in time. Hove to at 11:30am and have been since. Squall after squall have been passing by.  We won’t make much distance today. Popcorn for breakfast this morning and Mac n’ Cheese with tuna and corn for lunch.

We pulled out the laptop and watched the disaster movie “2012”. I made chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Squalls are clearing. I will finish cleaning up the dishes and we’ll see if we can get underway.  Crazy morning but a relaxing day.

Friday, June 10, 2011     Day 30

Noon Sight
23.57N 149.01W
Course none speed 2 knots
Winds 28-30 E
#3 jib, hove to
Swells 10’ E
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 76 degrees
437 miles from Hawaii
Overcast, squally

4:30 pm
It has been squall after squall since yesterday morning. We have been hove to since yesterday and have just tried, again, to get underway. No go. Good news, we drifted 26 miles closer to Hawaii in a 24 hour period. We had oatmeal for breakfast, chili with sautéed onions and corn for lunch and a Mountain House  Raspberry Crumble for desert. Chuck found the last package of graham crackers last night so we finished it off between our watches. We kept watch until 4am then decided both of us should get some rest while hove to.   Bree has been out playing with us and is very active..

Saturday, June 11, 2011     Day 31

Noon Sight
24.03N 149.45W
Course 230 degrees speed 4 knots
Winds 15 E
#3 jib-broad reach
Swells 6’ E
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 76 degrees
Overcast, squally
404 miles from Hawaii

Water maker run for 2 hours. No other details are entered in the log for this day.

Sunday, June 12, 2011     Day 32

Noon Sight
23.13N 151.02W
Course 240 degrees speed 6 knots
Under power
Swells 8’ E
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 76 degrees
318 miles from Hawaii
Dull, overcast


We got underway yesterday morning at 9:30am and had continual squalls for most of the afternoon but did not have to heave to again. The digital display on the Tiller pilot went out in the late afternoon. Déjà vu from our last trip however it continued to run well through the night. Fingers crossed it holds up until we get in. We have been thinking to pick up a second tiller pilot as backup. Tuna roll for lunch yesterday and freeze dried lasagna for dinner. We started the engine this morning at 11:40am because the batteries need another charge. We hope it’s the last time we’ll have to run the engine before we get in. We made 84 miles yesterday. Weather is warmer but I am still wearing fleece pants. Dull overcast all day.

Tiller pilot officially dead. I think the drive chain/link broke. The rod is loose and flops around. We will be hand steering from this point on. Hove to briefly so we could both enjoy supper and are now back on course.
284 miles from Hawaii.

Monday, June 13, 2011     Day 33
Noon Sight
22.54N 152.10W
Course 225 degrees speed 3.5 knots
Winds 15 E
#3 jib
Swells 4’ E
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 76 degrees
254 miles from Hawaii
Dull overcast

Hove to at 2am and got underway again at 9:30. Hove to again briefly for breakfast and then we were off again. Steering is such it requires all your concentration, no rest. Chuck and I have been taking turns reading Terry Goodkind’s “Wizard’s First Rule” out loud to each other. Very pleasant when you are on the tiller and certainly helps pass the time. Oatmeal for breakfast. I used half of the last can of tinned beef in a freeze dried meal last night and the other half in our lunch today. Sautéed a whole yellow onion then added beef and a few scoops of dehydrated refried beans onto a sun dried tomato, basil tortilla. Weather has been heavily overcast all day but it is somewhat warm. We put the main up around three and are currently doing 5-6 knots. The last of the dates were finished yesterday and my Fruit and Nut Medley will be gone by tonight. No munchies left.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011      Day 34

Noon Sight
22.43N 153.06W
Course 220 degrees speed 3 knots
Winds 10 SE
#3 jib
Swells 3-5’ SE
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 76 degrees
207 miles from Hawaii
Hazy, bright overcast

I just finished a one hour nap. We hove to last night at 10pm and set the alarm on the Oregon to wake us up at 5am just before sun up. Had a cup of tea and our usual oatmeal breakfast and were moving again by 6am. Put the main up around 1 to get a bit more speed. We had to run the water maker for nearly three hours today. The valve was left open on the day tank so we are not sure how much water was lost before Chuck noticed. Chicken and Noodles freeze dried meal for dinner last night which was very good. All the freeze dried meals are good but this one notably so. Mac N’ Cheese with tuna for lunch this afternoon. The sun actually made an appearance today. It started off overcast but then cleared up. I think we may, at last, be able to put the fleeces away.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011     Day 35

Noon Sight
22.09N 154.02W
Course 210 degrees speed 4 knots
Winds 15 E
#3 jib
Swells 4-5’, confused
Barometer 30.0 cabin temp 78 degrees
145 miles from Hawaii
Partly cloudy

12:00 Midnight
Just finished supper a short while ago and Chuck has just gone to bed. A gale hit us just before 8pm so we hove to early tonight.  A big, black, ugly thing with 35+ knot winds, we saw it coming for quite a while.  We made 4-5 knots for most of the day but the boat continues to roll uncomfortably.  I remember when crewing on Spike Africa she rolled about poorlyon  this leg as well. We had our usual Oatmeal for breakfast, freeze dried Chicken and Noodles for lunch with (ooops!) “a bit” of curry added.  Mountain House Beef Patties and mashed potatoes with corn for dinner. I sautéed a whole yellow onion along with the hydrated beef patties and added lots of salt and pepper. Chocolate chip cookies for desert plus I got a foot rub. Always a nice way to end the day. Alarm set again for 5am.
It is blowing like stink outside.

Thursday, June 16, 2011     Day 36

Noon Sight
21.24N 154.51W
Course 210 degrees speed 4 knots
Winds 15-20 E
#3 jib
Swells 6-8’ E with 2-3’ wind waves
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 78 degrees
95 miles from Hawaii
Partly cloudy, squally

Hove to at 10:20pm. We are 63 miles from Hawaii. This morning started off as usual, squally for most of the morning and then clearing in the afternoon. Winds have been more consistent today than “usual” so far this trip blowing 15-20 almost all day. Around four this afternoon the wave size increased and we found ourselves surrounded by a huge school of tuna which swam around the boat for over an hour. We could see them playing in the waves as they crested beside the boat, very cool! Oatmeal for breakfast and dehydrated beans with freeze dried chicken breasts and corn on a tortilla for lunch and then chili with the other half can corn for dinner.

Friday, June 17, 2011     Day 37

Noon Sight
21.17N 155.31 W
Course 180 degrees speed 3 knots
Winds 20-25 E
#3 jib
Swells 6-8” E with 3-5’ wind waves
Barometer 29.9 cabin temp 80 degrees
55 miles from Hawaii

10:20 am
Underway at 10 after breakfast and a cup of coffee. I switched on the AM/FM radio this morning and was greeted by a Hawaiian music station-sweet! We are a bit off course so we’ll need to beat into a SE wind with 6-10’ Easterly swells. YUK! Downloaded the GoPro last nigh but it doesn’t look like we got any decent footage of the tuna. No sight of land yet.

Saturday, June 18, 2011     Day 38

20.33 N 155.46W
Course 210 degrees speed 4 knots
Winds 20-25 E
#3 jib
Swells 10” E with 3-5” wind waves
Barometer 29.9 Cabin temp 78 degrees
Bright, hazy overcast

Hove to last night at 10:30pm, heated a can of beans for supper and crashed for the night. It was a tough day yesterday with the wind and waves.

LAND HO! Chuck just spotted Maui and a few minutes later he spotted the Big Island. Distance 20 miles. We were both up at 4am this morning. It will be a long day. Winds and waves same as yesterday blowing consistent at 20-25 with 8-10’ swells. Since we are beating into it we have taken several large hits with waves breaking over the boat.
Now that we have spotted land we can bear off a bit and the ride should be a bit smoother. Still, it will be a long day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Kawaihae Harbor, Big Island

At anchor.

As noted in the official log.
“Survived the Alenuihaha Channel. Wet to Da Bone.”