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Tis the Season

by the First Mate

We are finished sitting two homes and have now moved full time into just the one until April.  As it turns out looking after two places is a lot of work and we found ourselves not getting a lot of other things done.  Life keeps happening and if you aren't careful time can pass quickly by and one day you look at your blog, which you just posted on yesterday, and suddenly it is ten days later.  

Chuck has spent hours editing his next project but we are still having difficulty with our computers. Quite frankly, the sheer volume of video we have stored on various hard drives acquired over the years is astounding.  We pride ourselves on living a minimal life. Living on the boat for these many years has given us a pretty carefree life. Being in a house we find ourselves spreading out and, funny enough, we find our computer gear to be the worst offender of our rules about space, electrical consumption and time consumption.  Chuck has been taking all our data and moving it to one convenient place (more or less) and backing everything up.  All it takes is time..... 

Stepping back into real time.  Its Aloha Friday on KFSK Petersburg this afternoon Chuck's program today features classic and contemporary Hawaiian Slack Key guitar selections. (12:30 - 2:30 AKST after the Fish Report)  Live Stream available on KFSK.org

Work continues on my ditty bag project.  I've gotten the body finished and will be starting on the bottom next. The body was the hardest part because of the long strait seams and I wanted the stitches to be presentable looking. It should only take one good evening to stitch on the bottom but it will take a few more to hand make the grommets and get them stitched in.  If all goes well I should have it complete by next week.

I am spending more time at the vet clinic and taking on more duties. I learn something new every day and have a hard time calling it "work".  Follow Waterways Veterinary Clinic on Facebook. 

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1. Dilly | January 03, 2015 at 03:12 AM EST

Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stoghaitfrrward.

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"Jim's book is thoroughly, entertaining and honest and for us to be included is an honor. 

If you dream of sailing off into the sunset after you retire we suggest "Sailing into Retirement" is a must read."

Chuck and Laura

Fellow shipmate, Fran Taylor, writes about her many adventures as crew sailing aboard different tall ships and she mentions one voyage in particular  during her time aboard HMB Endeavour where she meets a couple on their honeymoon.  Read the humorous tale of the seasick groom and how a new "private signal" was born among the Endeavour crew.
The first book I read after moving aboard Lealea.  A wonderful journey that got me dreaming.
Looking for a read that will make your stomach hurt from laughing?  This one did it for us!  A definite page turner.
-Chuck and Laura

"This Old Boat" If you can only have one book on sailboat maintenance aboard, this is the one.

-Chuck Rose

"This old boat" If you can only have one book on sailboat maintenance, this is the one.
Chuck and Laura

“The Ashley Book of Knots” by Clifford W. Ashley is, quite simply, the definitive work on knots.  We think if you have more than a passing interest in marlinspike seamanship or decorative knotting this book is pretty much a “Must Have” This book is a high mass volume. 
                       -Chuck and Laura
Fran Taylor was born and grew up in Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde.  She has sailed all over the world in a number of “Tall Ships” and has had a number of articles published. She is a regular on the guest  speaking circuit around Perth where she lives when not pursuing her dreams and answering the call of the sea. In 2012 she took part in the Titanic Memorial Cruise, a special event to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the sinking. This book tells that story.
The story of Margo Wood and her husband Charles who began the "Charlie's Charts" cruising guide series. When her husband passed away she began to sail as a singlehander.   A wonderful story about a lady I admire a lot. - Laura  
An excellent read for anyone interested in single handed sailing. An inspiration for women. Anne had quite an adventure and this book is especially interesting to Albin Vega owners.- Chuck
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